Products That Help Even Skin Tone



The largest organ of your body is your skin and it is the most exposed one as well. That is why damages like sun damage are most visible on your skin in form of skin discoloration. There are other reasons as well which leads to such uneven skin tone like hormonal imbalance, pregnancy or birth control. Some discolorations that mar your skin include red blotchy areas, sunspots and freckles. But the good news is, if you maintain a steady beauty regime, you can achieve an even skin tone through skin care products like exfoliator, moisturizer and sunscreen lotion that will protect your from further damages.

Exfoliating Scrubs

New healthy skins emerge as you exfoliate dead skin layers from your skin. “Scrubs” are the most common manual exfoliator used by many to get an even skin tone. Such scrubs are made of granules that are gently rubbed all over the skin to scrub off the dead skin layers but without harming the healthy cells below. pico 皮秒 If your skin is acne-prone or sensitive, you may use chemical exfoliation or enzymes to exfoliate your skin because manual exfoliation may cause your skin to become sore and red. Both of these methods are however same; they involve use of a mask or lotion to separate or dissolve dead skin cells.


Red blotchy patches are often seen on dry skin as it can flake. So it is very important that you moisturize such a skin for getting an even skin tone. The moisture will be sealed in, and right nutrients will be provided to your skin if you use the right kind of moisturizer. To promote a healthy, even-toned and smooth skin, choose a moisturizer that comes loaded with antioxidants and vitamin E. If your daily routine involves being in sun for a long period, make sure that the moisturizer you use come with a high and effective SPF rating.

Skin Lightener

If your skin has dark spots or is discolored in places, a good bleaching cream may be the solution for your problem. FDA recognizes hydroquinone as one of the “bleaching agent” and you will find many products in the market that proclaim to be effective against fading of dark spots. Such creams are often labeled as brighteners or lighteners. As for bleaching cream, apply it only on the dark spots. Do not use the bleaching cream after you achieve an even skin tone; and if the dark spots are not very defined, then it is better to use a lightener or brightener for removing this uneven skin tone. Lastly remember to use a proper sunscreen over your entire face just before you use bleaching cream on the dark or discolored areas of your skin.


The last but temporary way of getting an evened-out skin tone is using makeup. If you use the right foundation for your skin, it will even out the uneven skin areas. Choose a foundation based on your skin tone and type for such a result. While buying, do not forget to test it on your face to make sure it is the perfect shade for you. Testing on your hands or wrist is not advisable as the skin tone in those areas may not be similar to those of your face.

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