Internet …. A Boom to the Gambling Industry



Before the advent of the Internet it was the belief that everyone who plays card games is a gambler. Playing card games was popular only among the rich and the idle in the pre-internet era. It was the modalities of playing card games that ensured that only those with ample time, money and resources could maintain the hobby of playing cards.

To play card games you were supposed to be a member of a card club or group, visit the club frequently and have a regular group of players. All this could be easily managed by the idle rich people but professional people didn’t have the time and the convenience to indulge themselves in such activities. Casinos were not accessible to most of the people as there was an expensive entry fee, demanded ample time and the convenience of visiting and playing for hours. Although these games were not always played for money but most of the players indulged themselves in these games in order to make quick money without any efforts. It was supposed to be a game of luck!

With the invention of internet the scenario of gambling and casinos changed completely. With the advent of the online card games the participants of these games have tremendously increased. Internet made it possible for people from all over the world to gather under one roof of internet and play games. dominoqq Now, the players were not worried about getting nobody to play with in odd hours as you could be sure of finding at least a few people to play with online card games as internet is accessed by people from all over the world. In most of the games you can play against an automated dealer or computer and other players were not required. Online card games completely changed the scenario of gambling as anyone with a computer, an internet connection and a credit card can connect to the internet and play online games for as much time as he desires. Most of the conventional card games have been transformed into online card games. Along with the blackjack and poker which are famous whether online or offline there are thousands of online card game sites with all regular card games like poker, bridge, cribbage, euchre, hearts, canasta, rummy, cribbage, solitaire and spades which exist as much loved and often played online cad games.

Multi player online card game sites are also available that provides the facility to gamble with each other without coming in close proximity with each other. Today, online card games is a multi billion dollar industry and still flourishing and it is the convenience and the ease of accessing games online that have made the industry a money generator machine. The rate at which people are playing online card games a day will come when there will be a virtual Vegas on the net that would be as profitable as it is in the real world today.


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